About Francis Tchertoff

ft1.jpg Francis is a multilingual Senior Manager with two decades of successful experience gained from a number of high-profile channel roles in the high-tech industry. Throughout his career he has built in depth experience of European ICT channels. With an excellent understanding of all aspects of European ICT Marketing, he has always demonstrated a strong ability to analyze and integrate information, solving problems, making decisions and setting priorities to maintain momentum. He has a dual nationality and is totally bilingual English/French, with basic German and Italian.

Francis is married to a French wife and has three children, a boy 21 and two girls 19 and 17. He lives in Rennes, Brittany

2 Responses to About Francis Tchertoff

  1. Sara says:

    Hello Francis,

    I stumbled across your blogg and I must say it is most entertaining! Not only that of course, it is also a keyhole insight into years (with all due respect) of accumulated knowledge and know-how. I would like to say that I am grateful for the time you invested in coaching me in excel functions, amongst other things, and for sharing your experiences and know-how. It was a pleasure working with you, I thank you and wish you pleasant sailings.

    Kindest regards,

    Sara Salehi

  2. Graham says:

    Hi Francis,

    Great to see that you’re still going strong! Fell across your blog by accident, but even though the web has grown to galactic proportions, it’s still a small world.

    Kind regards,


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